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About Starkflow

What services does Starkflow offer?

We support businesses of all sizes, big or small, in hiring development teams as well as other business roles for their projects within hours. Our goal is to help businesses access top talent from around the world and bring them together under one roof. By doing so, we enable companies to leverage the expertise and skills of professionals across various disciplines, ensuring successful project execution and growth.

Which countries is Starkflow present in right now?

We currently have operations in India, Colombia, Ukraine, and the United States.

Why choose Starkflow?

The one thing that differentiates Starkflow from the others is that we allow clients to hire talent that have already worked on a similar project(s) and accomplished similar tasks that the client is trying to accomplish. Why is that important?

It saves valuable time and ramps up the onboarding process, as the candidate no longer spends time understanding a new domain, or learning the existing codebase, or picking up a new framework that otherwise takes 3-6 months. This implies that the candidate is productive from day 0 and can kickstart the project without any delay.

Starkflow vs Freelancing platforms

How is Starkflow different from freelancing platforms?

As opposed to freelancing platforms, our candidates work full-time on one project rather than working part-time on multiple projects. We also handle your Payroll, and taxes so you can focus on what matters the most to you- your business.

Why do we not work with freelancers?

That's because we aim to retain the complete focus on one project. When you're dealing with an important, and time-sensitive project as yours, you cannot have someone who is juggling between multiple things and not there when you need them the most.

Why do we prefer long-term engagements as opposed to short-term?

A good market-ready product takes a minimum of 6-12 months to build. It's not possible to have something meaningful in a short span of time, especially when it comes to development. There's always a scope for doing better, and when working on a customer-sensitive product, you cannot compromise on testing, debugging, and maintainence. So we prefer working with companies who are serious about they are doing, and like to make no compromises.

Building your team on Starkflow

Can I build my own custom team?

Yes, you can handpick candidates and build your very own team based on your requirements. Our hiring manager is here to guide you.

How much time does it take before signing up to match with the right candidate?

We drastically cut down the hiring time and costs, and match you with the best candidate within 24 hours.

Talent on Starkflow

How does Starkflow work?

After you have expressed an interest in working with us, you have to undergo a series of tests to prove your competency. Once you're through the tests, we do background verification, and referal checks as a next step.

Why do we hire talents from Tech giants like Oracle, Microsoft, etc.?

People coming from these companies have already passed several rounds of interviews, so we use it as a partial filter while shortlisting the candidates. To some extent, we base the credibility of the candidate to that of the company and conduct additional checks and background verification to bring you the best talent.

Why choose Starkflow for yourself?

Starkflow gives you the opportunity to work with some of the best companies on the planet. We count brands such as Hertz, Sony, Townshop, and Shopia as some of our brands.

Why do we have referral based hiring?

There's a famous adage, "tell me who is your friend and I'll tell you who you are". Referral based hiring is one of the best ways of hiring people, and generally the referred candidateds are known to to stick with the same company 70% longer. We also treat it as a way to bring an added level of trustworthiness to the hiring mix.

Payments and Taxes

Does Starkflow take care of taxes?

Yes, we have ground presence in all the three countries and take care of your taxes end to end.

Who pays tax when working with Starkflow?

Starkflow takes care of filling all the taxes like TDS etc.