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A generalist having experience in all areas of product development including front-end, back-end, dev-ops, server operations, mobile development, and web design.

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Extensive talent pool
All our candidates come from diverse backgrounds who have experience working at top companies building an idea just like yours.
Strict vetting, and referral based hiring
We qualify every candidate through a multi-step verification process before they are matched and assigned to work on a live project.
Dedicated account manager
Unlike others, we are here even when the hiring process is over. We assign a dedicated account manager for each client to look after their general project needs.
Full-time, dedicated candidates
Our candidates work full-time on one project rather than working part-time on multiple projects.
Payroll & Payments
Our monthly subscription model makes things easier. You can skip the hassle of sending payments individually and don't have to worry about KYC/AML.
Fixed fee based on talent
We follow transparent pricing, so you don't have to go through the entire process of rate negotiation and other formalities.


How much does it cost to hire a Full-stack expert?

The cost of hiring a full-stack developer is dependent on a lot of factors like how much experience does the full-stack developer has, their location, size and complexity of the project, project duration, and whether if you want to hire one developer or a team of developers. We at Starkflow help you save more than 50% of talent cost by hiring top developers across the globe. Contact us today.

Why should I hire a Full-stack expert?

Full-stack experts specialize in building full-stack applications using latest technologies. You should hire a full-stack developer if you're looking to build a complete software solution end to end. They are familiar with both front-end as well as back-end technologies and can also help you update your exisiting codebase.

What does a Full-stack developer do?

Full-stack developers are experts in building both client as well as server side applications. Whether you're a healthcare professional wanting to build a new healthcare app, or a small business owner looking to build your own CRM solution, our developers can help you in both the cases.

What technologies does a Full-stack developer use?

Full-stack developers are proficient in both front-end and backend technologies including HTML, CSS, Python, Java, Javascript, Golang, Kotlin, SQL, Mongodb, AWS etc.

What are the best places to hire a Full-stack developer?

There are many well-known platforms to hire a Full-stack developer like Github, Angel.co, Stackoverflow, , Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal etc. What makes hiring from Starkflow unique is that we exclusively recruit talents from companies with the likes of Google, Microsoft, IBM etc. who have already experience building an idea just like yours. We also help you save long-term talent costs by as much as 50%. Contact us to learn more.

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