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Paying with Starkflow is-




How it works

Starkflow works as a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) wherein we not only help you hire great talents internationally, but take care of their payroll as well.

As a full-service organization, we parter with clients small or big, and provide end to end HR services including recruiting quality talent, payroll handling, payroll processing, regulatory compliance, filling of taxes, and all administrative tasks.
Client transfers the payment to Starkflow on an agreed date of the payment cycle
Starkflow acts as an escrow and receives the payment from the clients
Starkflow distributes the payment to all of its contractors located in different parts of the world

We manage

We take of all your payment needs including payroll processing, tax, and compliance with local employment laws.

Payments & Payroll

Our monthly subscription model makes things simpler. Skip the hassle of sending payments individually, and send it at once to Starkflow

Tax filling

Eliminate the friction of learning about taxation laws, tax calculation and tax filing. We take care of it end to end

Local compliance

Starkflow takes care of local compliance laws in the employees' country of residence

Benefits of using Starkflow

Worldwide borderless payments

Fully borderless payments so your contractors can get paid anywhere in the world, for no additional fees.               

Leave the hassle of sending individual payments and pay once in bulk to Starkflow. Money is automatically transferred to the contractor in the account of their choice at the end of the month.

Fully compliant with the local labor laws

All legal documentations like work contracts, local permits, and anything else that's required to conform to the local labor laws is taken care of by Starkflow.                                                                             
We help you draft the contract that abides by local regulations, and assist you through the entire process to bring the candidate on board.

Hassle-free handling of taxes

We take care of all your tax filing requirements for the contractors in their respective countries so you have one less thing to worry about.                     
We do so by the means of our own legal entities in every country, who are nothing but but local partners, well-versed with local labor laws and knowledgeable about other taxation and compliance formalities required for that country.

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