Case study - Thea & Schoen

Thea and Schoen is a manufacturers rep servicing the NY Area for over 80 years.

Client profile

Thea and Schoen is a manufacturers rep servicing the NY Area for over 80 years

With over 400,000 ft of warehouse space and over 30 lines, Thea & Schoen is proud to be the premier Manufacturer' Rep in the NY/NJ Metro area. Their multitude of services, including bundling, same day service and trucking capabilities and really put them a cut above the rest.

client requirement

Add capacity to existing software use

Thea and Schoen needed a team that was able to fulfill existing demand from lighting software to designing lighting in large skyscrapers throughout the New York Metro area. Starkflow was able to assemble a team quickly for Thea and Schoen in order to meet their demand for completing production on the software.

Our process

Build a team to work on an existing software for lighting and design

Thea and Schoen’s demand was simple. They needed to add existing capacity to production for their existing lighting software. What they were looking for was adding more experienced personnel to the design and build a team in order to add more output for their customers. They were able to add more output with experienced personnel and meet the demand for lighting bids in the New York Metro area with the team Starkflow built for them in Ukraine.

Productivity added
Amount of buildings bid on
Cost per bid project

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