Case study - Hope Research Group

Established in 1985, HOPE Enterprises has considerable knowledge regarding the design and management of research projects

Client profile

Over 30 years in business HRG is a market research development leader in it’s space

HRG operates in four countries with strategic alliances and research professionals in other regions. HRG is capable of executing all its clients' needs within Central America, Latin America and UK regions. HRG is a market research development leader.

client requirement

Build a Market Research Desktop and Mobile application

HRG started with Starkflow building a 3 person team to demo a surveying tool in Latin America that they planned on showing their client. Once their client approved the survey software HRG requested for Starkflow to build a team that will be capable of implementation of the retail execution cloud software. Ultimately over a two year period the team grew to 40 to further develop the product.

Our process

Build a team to handle the software development demand from HRG’s Clients

First Starkflow needed to understand HRG’s requirements in order to build the team around them. In the beginning, Starkflow built a team of 2 back-end and 2 front-end engineers, which grew to 40 people over a 2-year span, which included market research analysts, QA engineers, data management professionals and data scientists. The team built an end-to-end analytics and reporting software based in the cloud, which is used by clients like Coca-Cola, Nestle and Bacardi, to help them track and measure their retail execution.

Saved in operational cost
Fortune 500 clients landed
Staff hired

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