About Us

Starkflow is the #1 platform for Hiring and paying Top talent globally

Hiring an experienced development team shouldn't be expensive

We help businesses of all sizes; big or small, hire development teams for their project within hours. We do so by helping them leverage the best talent from across the globe by bringing them under one roof.

As a result, the founder's save both time and money as they no longer have to go through the tedious process of filtering the right talent, interviewing them, and then making an offer. We take care of everything.

Companies don't have to be constrained to one location and hire talent across geographies. We take of the payments, payroll processing, and all the accounting tasks.

— how it works
  1. Tell us about your requirements in detail

  2. Get matched with top developers who have experience building an idea just like yours

  3. Hire and assemble your own team

  4. Sit back and relax as the work is being done
Submit your proposal, and hire top development teams within hours.

Our story

It all started when two people found themselves doing the same thing; we were both running remote shows in India. At some point, we realized that the market had a huge demand for a better alternative to freelancers-remote teams.

Remote teams are highly demanded throughout the world, but the issue is locating talents and understanding how they bridge the skill gap. We view building remote teams as a solution, a high domestic labor costs and time-consuming local talent sourcing.

With Starkflow, procrastinating projects or pigeonholing projects caused by cost constraints no longer take place.

"Get a competitive edge by having the business running for 24 hours. Avert the risks, cut down the operational costs by having a remote team/back office curated for you from a massive talent pool"
— culture & values

We believe in:

Honesty and Integrity
Connecting top talent with the best opportunities without any barriers

Rapidness and Reliability
Quick business set-up through the local infrastructure

Long-Term Patnership
Trust building through transparent billing and on-time delivery

We believe in honesty, integrity, rapidness, reliability, and long-term partnership.

Why us?

We cut the wait time between hiring a candidate to onboarding them, and until they actually start working. We follow a referral-based hiring, and hire candidates who would be productive from day 1.